The Intersection of Innovative Thought
and Breakthrough Creative

The healthcare media landscape is changing daily, and people are consuming media in ways not even imagined yesterday. In a world where patients are digitally monitoring their own vital signs and doctors are using iPhones more than stethoscopes, Singularity Design can be your trusted partner to help you best connect your brands with your customers.

Mastering the art of award-winning creativity with a keen appreciation for technology, Singularity Design develops comprehensive, engaging experiences for your customers so that you enjoy positive business results and success.

If your brand needs an integrated media campaign, comprehensive website, community portal, or mobile app, Singularity Design can bring your brand to the intersection of innovative thought and breakthrough creative.

Dedicated to Innovation

Singularity is a full service digital marketing and creative agency dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to the ever-changing healthcare environment.

With 15 years of experience and more than 140 creative awards, we’ve pushed creative boundaries to connect our clients to their customers. We understand the complex business environment of the healthcare arena to consistently deliver breakthrough campaigns that attract, engage and persuade a wide variety of audiences. Whether for pharmaceutical brands, healthcare professionals or their patients, we bring compelling programs to life with cross-channel campaigns.

Award-Winning Execution

We’re proud of our work. Our projects range from a pharmacologic stress agent indicated for radionuclide myocardial perfusion imaging, to a rich media campaign that delivers compelling video ads to parents of children with ADHD. Singularity Design brings to life robust, engaging, interactive experiences for a wide variety of clients.

We start all work with a thorough strategic briefing process to make sure we define and aim for success even before we draw the first line, code the first page, or shoot the first photograph. From comprehensive multimedia branding assignments where we design corporate logos, company websites, and marketing collateral to advergame projects that put your product into the playful hands of your customers, Singularity Design has an extensive library of case studies of great work, exceptional business results, and of course awards. More than 140 won in just the last 5 years!

Comprehensive Services and a Commitment to Your Success

Singularity Design provides full-service design solutions to a variety of clients. If you have a new product that just received FDA approval, or one still in clinical trials, we have the right skill sets to bring about success:

  • Marketing / Communications / Interactive Strategy
  • User Experience, Information Architecture and Interactive Design
  • Content Development
  • Display & Rich Media Ad Development
  • Mobile and Tablet App Production
  • Video Production and Animation
  • Advergame Design and Development
  • Database & Web Application Development
  • Digital and Traditional Media, Search and Social Media Services

All Great Relationships Begin with Hello.

Whatever your business goals, we have the know-how to take you there. From our strategic planning, to our creative process, to our tech savvy applications, we’ve got what it takes to energize your brand and inspire your customers. Let us know what we can do for you.

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